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The Community Justice Centers throughout Vermont share a belief in the importance and efficacy of restorative responses to conflict and crime as an alternative to traditional criminal prosecution, punishment, and retribution. 

In 1998, the Vermont Department of Corrections (DOC) initiated partnerships with municipalities and non-profits to develop a scope of programming which would deliver restorative justice to, and with, communities. There are now 17 community justice centers throughout the state delivering a variety of restorative justice and reentry programming. 

Community Justice Centers (CJC's) rely on community volunteers who donate thousands of hours to help deliver programs that help repair the harm caused by crime and conflict in communities throughout Vermont. CJCs also play a key role in successful restorative reentry of people who have been incarcerated as they return to their communities, providing intensive support services for employment, housing, mentoring, social life, and reparations.

Vermont’s Community Justice Centers are always in need of volunteers who wish to contribute their time and talents to the well-being of their local communities. We invite you to contact a center near you.

Summer No. 3
by Amy Hook-Therrien
Member of the VT Abenaki Artists Association, 2022 Artist of the Year
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